Friday, January 9, 2009

Baseball thoughts

In 2008, some 108 players were granted an exemption from the MLB amphetamine ban, in order to treat attention deficit disorder. Call me distrustful, but I don't believe that many players are really in dire need of such treatment. Isn't it a felony to knowingly prescribe drugs that are not indicated by a valid diagnosis?

Congress: take note. This one needs investigation.

On a more pleasant note...

Much of the neutral fan's focus on Alex Rodriguez is related to his chances of beating Barry Bonds' career home run record. Presuming Bonds will not play again, and I think that's looking more than likely, A-Rod needs 210 home runs to claim the #1 spot on his own. He's currently 32 years old, and has nine years left to run on his Yankee contract.

The odds have to be in his favor, I think, barring major injury.

Of more interest to me, however, is the possibility that he may pass a more basic, but less well known record: Rickey Henderson's 2,295 runs scored. Rickey passed Ty Cobb, who had held the record forever, and Bonds is stalled in third place. A-Rod seems far away at 42nd spot with 1,605. But it's a much more crowded list, and he's on a team stacked with hitters. 691 runs in nine seasons? I can see it. He's scored 100+ runs in each of the last 13 seasons, even last year when missing a fair number of games.

My money says A-Rod will finish up holding both records. Anyone care to place a bet?

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