Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators in 3D

The BCS Championship and the Silver Ball both went to Florida last night, in a scrappy game where the Gators made a few more big plays at vital times than the Sooners. The staff were at the Pavilion Cinema in Park Slope to catch all the action in 3D, and it was a bunch of fun. There are still glitches to iron out, which caused the image to go haywire at times, and now and then the camera angle chosen was distracting instead of illuminating, but overall the effect was spectacular. I highly recommend this technology to anyone with the chance to see a game in future. The second tier Fox commentary team, Kenny Alberts and Tim Ryan, did a fantastic job too. They marveled at the 3D (they had a monitor set up in the booth) just often enough, and Ryan's X and O analysis was top notch. I understand the zone blitz, for instance, a good deal better than I did before.

In Silver Ball news, Florida will be defending the venerable, mythical trophy in September, at Gainesville, against Charleston Southern. The challengers will be taking their first ever shot at the title. Much luck to the underdog Buccaneers!

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