Saturday, May 9, 2009

At risk of alienating southern readers

Why do people find NASCAR exciting? I am watching the race from Darlington, and yet again the pack is crawling around under the yellow flag. Fascinating stuff, this. No passing, no speed, no interest of any kind. That's tied the track record of 15 cautions for the race.

I may as well set up a chair next to Route 110 in L.A. during rush hour. At least that features cars I could see myself in.

What's that? The pit strategy makes cautions exciting? Oh, yeah. Martin Truex's decision to change two tires had me leaping off the sofa.

I think it would save everyone a lot of trouble (and money) to just pick one of the Hendrick drivers at the start of the year, drawing a name from a hat, and hand him the trophy. Why anyone else bothers nowadays is even more of a mystery than why anyone watches this sport in the first place.

Sorry, have to stop there. Caution flag number 16 was just waved. Who will pit now?

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