Sunday, May 10, 2009

Warning: brief political content

One of the basic principles that leads a capitalist economy into endless boom and bust cycles is that there is no such thing as enough. If a business is not growing, preferably at a higher than average rate, then it might as well cease to exist. Never mind that it's impossible to maintain such a thing. Just do it.

Which brings me to the latest in sporting stupidity: the notion of a Super Bowl in London.

Tired of the predictable weather of indoor Super Bowls? Come to London in winter for guaranteed dismal cloudy days and infuriating constant rainfall. Do you really think American football is all set to take a big chunk out of soccer's worldwide fan base, and this is the missing piece in the puzzle? Seek help. Now.

That one regular season game has sold well in London because it's a novelty. Taking the big game there will just alienate your English crowd, because they won't be able to get tickets any more, pushed out by the same U.S. high flyers who see the game now. In the future, taking the game overseas on a regular basis will just show up how slow it is compared to the many other football games on offer. Stack it up against Australian Rules and you'll see what I mean.

I like American football just fine. But if you are so desperate to make even more money, spend some at a grass roots level first, and wait. Teach kids to play and phys ed teachers to coach. It's a difficult game to learn and understand, and the best fans are grown. Not bought off with a flashy prize that belongs across the ocean.

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