Saturday, September 12, 2009

No upset in Gainesville

Troy failed in its third ever challenge for the Silver Ball, falling 56-6 at Florida. Next week, it gets serious for the Gators with the visit of Tennessee. Florida's win today marked their 13th time emerging with the Silver Ball at the end of the game, whereas Tennessee has a total of 26. That seems like a lot, until you realize that USC, for example, has 76 Silver Ball successes to its credit, and Princeton and Yale are both over 100. Not that those two are likely to ever achieve the honor again.

In other college football news, Central Michigan pulled a magical upset at Michigan State. They made a last minute touchdown to get within a point, went for two for the win, and missed it. But a perfect onside kick got them within range for a long field goal, which they narrowly missed. But State was offside, and the kick was good on the second try. 29-27 for the Chippewas.

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