Sunday, August 1, 2010

Notes from Citi Field

In my first, and likely only, major league game for the year, the Mets won a back and forth game against the D-backs with a sac fly in the ninth, 5 to 4. Highlights:

- Mark Reynolds of Arizona went 0 for 4, all strikeouts, thus gaining the coveted Golden Sombrero.

- The Yankees fan behind me was completely lost by a double switch and could not fathom why a pitcher was suddenly not in the number 9 batting slot.

- Three guys in front of us were loudly heckling players in French, which is unusual this side of the Quebec border, to say the least.

- Managers showed off the wheel play, not to mention every infield and outfield depth variation you can sensibly imagine. Add well executed bunts and a few infield singles, and the level of eighties NL style little ball on display was excellent.

- Citi Field has been improved a lot in Mets specific ways, from the life affirming orange paint job in the exit stairwells to the much needed Mets Hall of Fame.

- Starting pitchers Takahashi and Enfield were very sharp, throwing strikes and making plays with the bat, too. Impressive.

All in all, a very fun game in front of a friendly, enthusiastic crowd on a gorgeous evening for baseball. Vive la la Ligue Nationale!

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