Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Notes from New Yankee Stadium

The moment I say that's my only major league game for the year, what happens? I am given free tickets for another two days later. So, off to the Yankees' glorious monument to excess to see A-Rod take a shot, or rather five shots, at hitting his 600th home run. He went 0 for 5 on the night, however, extending his major league record drought between numbers 599 and 600. For the record, Babe Ruth hit number 600 in the next at-bat after 599.

We did see an American League record, though. The Blue Jays rapped out six doubles in the fifth inning, five of those off Burnett, along with a home run to score 7 runs and take a game winning lead, as jeers cascaded around the stadium. New stadium, same old Yankee fans - arrogant and entitled when winning, outraged and betrayed when losing.

As to the stadium itself, it's an odd duck. Really, it's a bigger, more aggressive version of the previous one, with better traffic movement. It feels like they did the 70s thing again, tearing down most of the old stadium and building the new one over it. Except this time they did it across the street. Now, I do appreciate being able to get around the stadium more easily, and see the game while doing so, but was that worth upwards of a billion dollars and the sacrifice of a beloved public park? Not even close. New Yankee Stadium - the Big Unnecessary.

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