Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And we're back

After a lengthy break for real life work, it's time to post to this blog again. The occasion is Auburn's successful 22-19 defense of the Silver Ball against an outgunned but never-say-die Oregon squad. That was a hell of a game. I wish we could see TCU take on Auburn now...

The Silver Ball bounced around the SEC like a pinball this season. Alabama won four straight before being upset by South Carolina. The Gamecocks immediately lost to Kentucky, who then lost to Georgia, who then lost to Florida. This run of four successful challenges was briefly broken as Florida beat Vanderbilt, but then the Gators lost to South Carolina. Determined to hold on to the trophy this time, South Carolina handily defeated Troy and Clemson. Then big bad Auburn finally got a shot, winning the Silver Ball and the SEC Championship with a resounding 56-17 thumping. With last night's win, the Tigers can rest easy until the visit of Utah State in September.

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