Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rivalries in the playoffs

It's been a monster NFL postseason for intense rivalries. We've had the recent, hostile Steelers-Ravens and Jets-Patriots series continue into the playoffs, another rematch of Superbowl III between the Jets and Colts, and this week the whole of the Midwest is going crazy for the ancient Bears-Packers matchup.

But there's one game I really want to see. What better way for Brett Favre's much hyped encore season with the Vikings to end than a Superbowl between the Jets and Packers? Please, please, please let this happen.


joellestherbenyayer said...

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LearningByReading said...

Man, I was rooting for Jets and Packers too! I think Big Ben and the Steelers have a better chance of beating Green Bay than Jets :) since Ben has more playoff experience than Sanchez.

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