Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Season's end

The 1864 season is over at last, at least for another year. While Andrew... (what did you do on Sunday, anyway?) was absent, the Gotham Club of New York bravely ventured to far flung western New Jersey, there meeting calamitous defeat at the hands of the Atlantic Club, but then rallying with a fine 18 to 14 victory over Flemington's Neshanock Club. Now I can rest my dead right arm for six months, and hope that by next year it will remember how to swing a bat.

In less important baseball news, clubs founded in 1901 and 1993 meet tonight to begin the contest for the World Series. Personally, I don't feel it counts unless a team dates to at least the 1880s. That rules out the entire American League, of course, but then they have this idiotic courtesy batter, so I have no sympathy at all.

Lex clavitoris designati rescindena est.

If the junior circuit must do things differently, let them revive the foul bound, or run the bases clockwise, or re-introduce the idea of a "no call" on balls and strikes. Baseball is nine against nine, and anything else is simply wrong.

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