Monday, June 23, 2008

It's a knockout

The Gotham Base Ball Club ventured south to play Newark on Saturday, and we had one of the great days in the history of the club.

Game 1 (1873 rules): Newark 4, Gotham 26
Game 2 (1864 rules): Newark 2, Gotham 13

And I was knocked out when fielding first base, in a collision with a base runner. So it was a day of fun an excitement all around.

In other baseball news, yes we heard about Pat Venditte, and yes, I know, we should have posted about him, but everyone else already did, so there was no point, really.

In other general sports news, the ever improving Gotham Girls Roller Derby defeated the all powerful Texas squad for the first time at the East Coast Extravaganza in Philadelphia. This propelled them to number one in my computer ratings, and likely in the next vote too.

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Mousecanknit said...

see now, this is part of why i always thought Gotham was New York City. i never understood that Gotham (in Batman) was not an actual borough of New York City. and it seems like people just looooove to keep this confusing for me :( gar.